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         Introduction to Yihealth Tea Industry Company



     广西亿健茶业有限公司借助广西昭平县的生态资源优势,通过公司+基地+工厂+农户的模式全程掌控食品安全的整条产业链,是国内为数不多的产、供、销一体化的现代化大型集团茶企业,集高档有机茶种植、加工、销售、科研、茶文化传播于一体, 公司以中国农业大学、华南农业大学、广西茶叶研究所为核心技术依托,拥有顶尖的职业经理人80多人,组建成4大事业部(茶园经营事业部、市场营销事业部、国际出口事业部、投融资事业部),目前公司正在做股改前准备工作,争取在2016-2018年上市。


      Yihealth Organic Tea is the pioneer and leader of Chinese organic tea. The company started to carry out comprehensive research and development, cultivation, planting and management of tea seedlings from 2000. In 2004, the company achieved success in research and development and started large scale planting in tea garden. In 2005, Yihealth Company is established. In 2008, the products started to be exported to the countries and regions such as Singapore, Japan, Korea and Europe and America. 

Depending on the ecological resource advantage of Zhaoping County in Guangxi, Guangxi Yihealth Tea Industry Co., Ltd controls the whole industrial chain of food safety through the mode of company+ base+ factory+ peasant household. It is one of the few modern large-scale supply- production- sale integration group tea enterprises combining planting, processing, sale, scientific research and tea culture transmission into one. With China Agricultural University, South China agricultural University and Guangxi Tea Research Institute as core technical support, the company has over 80 top professional managers and set up four large business divisions (Tea garden operation business division, marketing business division, international export business division and investment and financing business division). At present, the company is preparing for capital restructuring and trying to get listed in 2016-2018.




         Introduction to the base of Yihealth tea garden






    Yihealth tea garden is located at Zhaoping County, Guangxi, the longevity town and hometown of famous tea in China. The forest coverage rate of Zhaoping County ranks the top in China (The forest coverage rate of Zhaoping County is 84.2% and average forest coverage in China is 20.36%). It is the “first batch state-level ecological demonstration county” and has the title of “90% mountain, 5% water and 5% arable land”.

    Ten thousand mu of Yihealth tea garden is located in national ecological forest protection zone, and the downstream of Li River and bank of Gui River. It is surrounded by primitive forest of thousand years old. The soil, water source and air there all reached the highest standard of international organic agriculture. With fresh air in the four seasons, it is large natural oxygen bar.

    Yihealth organic tea garden is the largest production base of organic tea in Guangxi, with the planting scale amongst the highest in the country. Meanwhile, Yihealth Company keeps the expansion and planting of new tea garden base. Zhaoping County reserves over 300,000mu of land reaching organic tea planting standard for Yihealth Company to realize the listing target and lay a foundation for Yihealth Company to become bigger and stronger.




Introduction to Yihealth organic tea products










     Yihealth organic tea is the only tea passing organic tea certification of four large economic entities, including China, E.U, U.S and Japan for five consecutive years since 2008.

     All kinds of tea are produced in the tea garden owned by the company itself and can withstand the test of any agency, ensuring “Zero pesticide residue, zero additives and zero pollution”. Every product has a unique “electronic ID of organic product” (namely, organic anti-counterfeit label), realizing 100 % monitoring and control from tea garden to tea cup.

     King of osmanthus tea: Got Guangxi Spring Tea Gold Prize for six consecutive years since 2006

    Crown of Chinese tea: Participated in national Chinese tea cup competition for the first time in 2011 and got the three special awards.

      Power of Chinese tea: The products are exported to the countries and regions such as Singapore, Japan, Korea, Europe and America for five consecutive years since 2008.

      Yihealth organic green tea: Covered with pekoe, bud is fragrant, fresh, mellow and thick, and has the characteristic of beautiful form, green color, sweet scent and pure taste. The liquor color is clear and green. When tasting carefully, you can feel the aroma still lingers in your mouth, which can let you calm down. It is really a kind of rare and precious product in tea.

      Yihealth organic black tea: According to the feedback of new and old tea customers: Yihealth organic black tea is a kind of taste that worth to be recollected through one’s life. The tea is covered with gold pekoe. The shape is tight, and the taste is fragrant, fresh, rich and lasting. The aroma is like orchid, honey and fruit and the liquor color is golden yellow and brilliant orange. This kind of tea should only be in heaven.